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Natural Hand Sanitizer

What can I say... Its natural, it smells great and it doesn’t have all of those chemicals like other hand sanitizers.

Also, many resources believe that hand sanitizer doesn’t even work to kill germs and that it is making our bodies resistant to fighting germs NATURALLY. Now, I don’t use my hand sanitizer at every little touch because I do believe we are a little obsessive with germs, and as usual have over done it! However, that being said sometimes I REALLY NEED IT! So, here is a great recipe. The only drawback (I think) is that it is pretty thin, so be careful when you use it.

I store in an old hand sanitizer pump bottle, then re-fill my old hand sanitizer mini bottle (after I rinsed and cleaned thoroughly).

Natural Hand Sanitizer Recipe:

1 tablespoon witch hazel (I usually get lemon or sensitive. if you don’t own this amazing stuff yet, please go by some it’s amazing and in so many of my recipes).

8 ounces PURE aloe Vera gel (don’t get the green stuff. Get the pure stuff from Whole foods or a health food store or amazon. It should be clear and organic)

7-10 drops of lavender oil (if you use YL its close to 7)

20 drops of tea tree oil (same thing, there are a lot of claims of pure oils out there but young living really is the best, so less-about a third- if you own young living tea tree)

Most of the oils I refer to are in the premium starter kit and its half off of retail if you purchase AND you will get 24% off of your future purchases! Contact me for details, i am happy to help.

If you have any questions, let me know! :)


Becky - Young Living #2689621

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