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"Freeing ourselves from the past, leads to our most aligned futures.."

Dr. Alejandro Junger

                               The Shadow & The Empath

The Shadow & The Empath – 6 Week Immersion 


True empaths are highly sensitive, and very aware. Because of this and many other aspects, they took on and were taught not to be a sensitive. And have a very special shadow aspect then other groups of humans. Because they internalize but are so aware – they take on not only their own experiences into the shadow but others as well! Family, society, friends, the past traumas of others and of their own karma and past selves. 

These types of traumas and inherent programing can cause disfunction on their current lives without them even knowing it. It can make subconscious and unconscious decisions for us in our lives and experiences without much if any warning. 


This 6 week immersion works intensively into these layers of an empaths shadow and subconscious/unconscious. To bring awareness, light and clarity and freedom to these parts of ourselves to help us align with our most authentic and purest selves. 


Here are some possible modalities of what we will work in, in this program (varies depending on what's coming up):

  • Ancestral and intergenerational trauma and healing 

  • Inner child trauma and healing 

  • Past life healing

  • Dream and unconscious work

  • Akashic healing

  • Reiki healing

  • Release past trauma within the energy/physical body (Somatic Processing)

  • Tools to release, ground and protect as an empath.

1:1 sessions every week and continous voxer communication and processing. 


I have worked deeply with empaths and healers for 6 years, and have found that working in these areas deeply, is highly effective to clear this space of energy needing to be processed and freed in order to expand within their gifts and specialness of being an empath and healer.


I only work with true empaths, not high sensitive people.  So please reach out to me to apply or to ask any questions. 

Application or 1:1 call required to join! Book your connection call here! 



In love & gratitude,



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