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"Becky is caring, thoughtful, and goes above and beyond to help you...

I was very hopeful and excited to embark on the journey of healing via the chakra healing sessions and I have to say, I feel great and grateful. Becky helped clear blockages and allow for better energy flown within me. I learned a lot about myself and noticed a difference in they way I view things in my present life. There were  moments when I felt very relaxed and at times felt unease during the healing sessions, but learned that this was due to energetic blockages and release. In that, I also learned that I was having some resistance, which Becky was able to help me understand. Becky is so caring, thoughtful and supportive. I felt it in my heart that she genuinely wanted what’s best for me, and her gentle approach during the healing conversations are a testament to that’s i always felt listened to and supported..." - Cris. 

About Becky...

(Phone: 818-614-0522 or Email:


Certified USUI Ryoho, Holy Fire & Tibetan Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner

Certified USUI Ryoho & Tibetan Reiki Master & Master Teacher

Certified Past Life Regressionist

Certified Spiritual Life Coach 

Certified Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner

Breathwork facilitator (Trained by Michael Brian Baker -Breath Center)

Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance - ERYT 200)

Founder of Mystical Misfit School of Intuitive & Healing Arts

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Guided Meditator, Freedom Writer,
Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Teacher & Spiritual guide. 


I am a multi-dimensional intuitive & healer - experiencing life to the fullest! I discovered energy work about 10 years ago. I was going through a very traumatic and life-altering time in my life and was trying to find something to help me relax. What I found was something far more special.


After many years of struggling with depression, anxiety, death, addiction, physical ailments, and eventually a Lupus & MS diagnosis which included debilitating back spasms. I knew I had to do something.  I discovered yoga & energy work and realized there was way more to this than just physical poses. I was having emotional and spiritual revelations that weren’t happening anywhere else.

After a month of these spiritual awakenings as well as discovering better habits for living, I knew I had to find out more! With no little knowledge and money, I signed up for yoga teacher training and that was just the beginning. It led me down an amazing transformation of my spirit.

As I progressed through my journey, the physical pain was increasing. I was awoken one night by a spirit, that told me "if you don't do something soon - it will consume you and you will never recover." That night - I was guided by that spirit to work with energy and my intuitive nature to heal my body, mind & spirit. After weeks of pain, many medical diagnoses, and trying all types of treatments, I healed this issue overnight! My life was changed forever!


After these experiences, I ended up on an intense & powerful journey into my soul, my intuition, and my whole being. As my body and spirit opened so did my other gifts. I found mentors, classes, and other believers to help guide and lead me. I entered a "spiritual boot camp" that transformed my entire life. I went from an account executive at an insurance company to an intuitive healer. I healed my inner and outer wounds, and have never been so inspired! 

Divinely and spiritually guided, I honed my gifts of intuition, healing, and medium work and have never looked back.


I love helping people transform their inner and outer lives and in such a short amount of time. There is nothing like this work. 

I believe everything is energy and that we all have the capabilities to heal ourselves, we just need a little guidance and I am proof! 


I believe I am a guide. A gentle and loving guide to help guide you back to your true self. 


In love & gratitude.. 




If you want to know more about me, my journey and my transformation, please see my published works, articles, talks & videos below:


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-Monthly / Bi-Weekly Oracle Card & Energy readings on (search Becky Hernandez) :

Energy Therapy

Rebelle Society

Celestial Soul Astrology

Love has Won

Podcasts, Interviews & Talks (click links below):

The Journey of Spiritual Rebirth - Video Interview - Becoming Love Project

Divine Love & How to access this power at anytime - Audio Talk

You can heal global summit - Video Interview

**Coming May 21st - My Reiki Rays interview about Distance Healing, clearing spaces and more - sign up for free here!

Please see testimonials & sessions page for more information on my working with me. :)


Call or Text me!

Becky is such a great teacher. She took her time to make sure we understood everything that was happening. She was very thorough and detailed in her explanations and answers. And she was very encouraging. And she just has a great spirit and energy with which it is so easy to feel comfortable and at ease.  I feel very confident that I can perform Reiki healing on myself and others after taking the course with Becky. I feel that with her teaching along with the book and handouts she provided to go along with the course, my healing business will flourish. I highly recommend her Reiki courses and I wouldn't hesitate to take another class with Becky! 

- Nykia E.  - Reiki Master Teacher

Becky blew my mind! I'm a skeptic, a dubious selective reasoner and she opened my mind and heart to new ways and new possibilities. She's very sweet and patient and will make you feel right at home. Happy vibes, ♥
- Maju G. 

Becky is nothing short of a gift to this world. I met her through a yoga class and thought I'd try this "Reiki" thing I'd heard of but wasn't really sure of. I was sold after our first meeting: her intuitive reading, the way my body felt after the Reiki practice. Fast forward 1 year and a few months after our first meeting, I decided to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Becky. Her program was life changing, and I don't use that term often. I felt things more clearly and had an understanding of my path much better than I had ever before. I am now working with Becky in Intuitive classes, and am impressed with what I have been learning about myself. Becky is more than just a healer, lightworker or spiritual mentor to me. She is patient, kind, and has a gentle way of showing you how you can heal yourself, how you already have all the answers, how to tap your intuitive knowledge and connection with Source, and most importantly, how to trust and have faith in yourself. I know my life has changed for the better.

- Danielle K. Intuitive Advisor & Teacher

I was very impressed by Becky's sharp intuition & power for Distance Healing. She has a very strong healing energy, that she can even spread from FAR AWAY! It's amazing, but you can feel her across the oceans - even from France. She sees things, feels what you don't say, reads your mind, without even being there or speaking. She also has a way with words, which makes her messages clear and powerful. I've been working with Becky now for a year and a half and on a regular basis. Saying that she is very gifted is the very, very minimum. She feels where you're at, is very visual too in the way she connects with your energy and shares what she saw. Her insights are always sharp and accurate. What she shares is the truth - she is there to see you grow and evolve.  The teachings she gives and the way she works isn't about relying on her - it's about seeing more of You through what she sees.  She is the way back to You. She has been a wonderful guide on the way and she taught me a lot... To cut a long story short, I wouldn't be where I'm at now without her  Becky... THANK YOU!

- Sophie Gregoire. Author, Spiritual Coach, Guide

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