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The Mystical Misfit School of Intuitive & Healing Arts

The Mystical Misfit School of Intuitive & Healing Arts was created by Becky Hernandez in the pursuit of having an all-inclusive individual and group classes school to learn, practice, and grow in all spiritual avenues. To help people understand that Intuition and Healing are not just for sages and gurus but that anybody can tap into these wonderful gifts to help you live your most authentic and joy-filled life.


Classes, Trainings & Workshops

Groups, One on one - in person & online:



1st & 2nd Degree Certifications, Master & Master Teacher Certifications, All Level Re-Attunements, Refresher Class and/or Coaching 


Intuitive, Psychic & Mediumship Trainings, mentoring & Master class


Learn how to meditate workshops, Learn how to guide Past lives, Meditations & Soul Journeys 


Reiki 1, 2 Master & Master Teacher Classes (Groups, One on One - In person or Online):

It's suggested to take both Reiki 1 & 2 together, but just Reiki 1 is an option (see all details below). If interested in Reiki Master and/or Reiki Master Teacher - please see below. 


Reiki is non-denominational, a part of no religion and does not conflict with anyone's belief systems or values. It is a universal life force energy made up of light. It can be transmitted through the Reiki attuned to help ANYONE with physical, emotional or mental pains or diseases - whether it be for yourself, family members, friends, clients, or any person. It has no boundaries!

Reiki helps to remove blocks from the subtle body to allow for quicker healing in all areas of life.

Reiki gives you tools and options for centering yourself, increasing self-confidence, self-awareness, and assists you in connecting with your higher self, your light and helps improve clarity, creativity and purpose. It also can be miraculous to help heal physical, emotional and mental disorders, pain or diseases. 

Everything is made up of energy and Reiki empowers you to take control of your energy, and work with it instead of against it.

Reiki is for everyone! It can be used and implemented in so many ways, I highly recommend ANYONE drawn to Reiki or healing to get attuned. 

Once attuned, Reiki will be with you always and can be used for anything and everything you could imagine.


My courses include various styles of Reiki, including the Usui Ryoho, Tibetan, Holy Fire, Angelic Reiki methods as well as other energy techniques and is very much rooted in intuitive reiki. I am intuitive and work a lot with this combination of intuition and Reiki.


On completion of the Reiki 1 class, you will be well versed in Reiki & Self Healing.

On completion of Reiki 2 you will be able to give Reiki treatments others and distance healing. 

For more information, details and pricing click here!


Intuitive, Psychic & Mediumship Classes:

Patient and loving one on one Intuitive, Psychic and/or Mediumship trainings. This is to help you open up or expand upon your intuitive gifts and "sight". Connecting with your intuitive abilities connects you more to source, your higher self and the heart. It helps to simplify and prioritize your life. Helps to still the thinking mind and allowing yourself to come from a more intuitive place. This helps you to feel more intuitively for yourself and others. Good for beginners of all types! For more information, details and pricing click here!


Meditation & Journey Classes:

Want to learn, practice and experience guided meditations to other realms, past lives and communicating with your guides! Want the basics of guiding these sessions intuitively for others. Want to work on your confidence? This is the class for you! Good for teachers, therapists, practitioners, group events and for your own personal use! For more information, details and pricing click here!

Workshops, Group Classes & Events

Free events, group classes, guided meditations, programs, and other events & Programs. Click here

I'm available for in person or online group classes or workshops. Please contact me.

To see reviews, visit "testimonials & pricing page".

For more information on Reiki, please visit "my services" page (under Reiki)

To book your spot, go to my "book online" page

If you are interested in more about me and my work, please go to "my journey" page. 


New classes & workshops in the works!! Sign up for my newsletter to get up to date info!


If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them! Email me!


In love.. and gratitude.. :)


***Current or Past Students ONLY - CLICK here  for manuals, guide books, other class documents & business websites etc.*** 


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