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Programs & Deep Dive Immersions

I offer several programs that have been proven to be very successful. Its deep dives, work and support working through many unconscious and subconscious (energetic challenges). Programs are offered in 6 week and 12 week time frames. I have found it very helpful to commit to healing to gain the best results. Amazing what we are capable of healing! 

Click on the links below to view more details about each program. You can also schedule a free discovery call with me here. :)

- Heal the Healers Program

- Shadow Work Program 

- Inner Child Healing Program

- Healing with accountabiity 

- Holistic Practitioner Business Program

Inner Child Review

The Inner Child Program with Becky has been my saving grace. I’m in the program and it’s only been a little over a month and wow. The changes I’ve experienced in this process are monumental. I feel my inner world shifting dramatically. With her unconditional presence and guidance, I’ve been able to excavate deep wounds and begin healing. It blows my mind that it’s only been over a month because so much change is happening. I am different than I was a month ago, energetically, mentally and spiritually. I feel more peace, more love, deeper compassion for myself and others. Becky has helped me integrate these experiences into my life so that I become the woman I’ve always dreamed of. The best thing is that she’s helped me find the healer in me. There are also other therapists and practitioners that Becky brings on so you get this whole team of magical, powerful healers to support you on your journey. This program is the best investment you can make into yourself. You deserve to invest in you. Everyone needs a Becky in their life, I promise you. "


Inner Child Review 

Going into the program I felt a little unsure but definitely ready and I also knew that I needed to tackle some inner child trauma. I went into it without any expectations but also feeling a little disconnected but after jumping right in and having a phone call with Becky I realized and knew that it was the right thing for me. The six week program was amazing being able to reach out to Becky at any time end the voice messages, the check and, the meditations, and the distance healings we’re a game changer. After completing the six week program and going back and looking at everything I had completed, the 6 week program showed me that I worked through a lot, but while I was in it, it didn’t feel like i worked through so much. I even feel like a little bit of a different person I feel lighter and I feel more clear. A lot of things that didn’t really make sense, I now have new realizations, openness, vulnerability, more love, and a different perspective on people and life. I would definitely do another 6 week, I love the fact that we just get right into it and just go.

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