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 "By staying open-minded and listening to the needs and desires of your inner child, you open yourself up to the possibilities of anything..."

- Kim Ha Campbell.

 "The Inner Child Program with Becky has been my saving grace. I’m in the program and it’s only been a little over a month and wow. The changes I’ve experienced in this process are monumental. I feel my inner world shifting dramatically. With her unconditional presence and guidance, I’ve been able to excavate deep wounds and begin healing. It blows my mind that it’s only been over a month because so much change is happening. I am different than I was a month ago, energetically, mentally and spiritually. I feel more peace, more love, deeper compassion for myself and others. Becky has helped me integrate these experiences into my life so that I become the woman I’ve always dreamed of. The best thing is that she’s helped me find the healer in me. There are also other therapists and practitioners that Becky brings on so you get this whole team of magical, powerful healers to support you on your journey. This program is the best investment you can make into yourself. You deserve to invest in you. Everyone needs a Becky in their life, I promise you. "

Dr. Alejandro Junger

                               The Inner Child Healing Program

Inner Child Immersion 1:1 Program – 6 Week or 12 week plus

Listed below is the 3 month program. Please contact me about the 6 week. Must be approved.

*** Also coming soon 8 week GROUP Program!!!

This is a personalized program for you! The intention of your program is inner child healing and wounding as well as anything that spawned from that time like abusive relationships, shame, self worth. We will delve more into the outline of course in our first session.
Here is your outline and what is included! ***This is a 12 week program with 2 extra weeks energetically and through voxer to process, implement and integrate. 
-   1:1 Zoom session with Susan Grace this will be at least an hour and a half. She is an amazing and super cool astrologer I work with in my programs and will help guide us on this subject. 

-       Weekly 1:1 (An hour to an hour and a half - plan for hour and a half) sessions – this is normally done through zoom 

-       Bi-Weekly mini distance energy healing sessions (you do not have to be present, but we can schedule. This will include a healing and mini recorded reading). 

-       Weekly Homework (like Journal prompts/Guided meditations/Etc through voxer etc)

-       24/7 Voxer availability with me for processing, sharing, questions. 

-       3 guest teachers/practitioners working just in inner child to work with through the 3 months. This is my most intensive program! I pull it all in!

-       2 additional weeks to help implement and process with me through voxer. 

-      Weekly (optional but totally available) 30 minute SOS calls.  They are available to you every week. To help process, guidance or questions. 

Application or 1:1 call required to join! Book your connection call here! 



In love & gratitude,



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