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They say when a student is ready for a teacher, one will appear. I truly believe that Becky was sent my way to teach me. I first came to Becky for a Reiki session and without having to tell her anything, she gave me her insight to which she was very much in-tune with what was going on with my emotions at that time. She gave me the ease I needed and comfort. Her private studio provided for me a safe and healing environment. She also conducted a distant healing for me since I lived a long distance and was unable to visit her on another occasion.  
I also took Reiki I & II courses with Becky to provide my own healing. Becky conducted these courses in her own special training areas that are filled with spiritual and healing environment. You know that the vibrational energy are high when your intuition is hightened and you can feel and sense things beyond your "normal" every day routine. This was a special training for me, and I especially thank Becky, the very special Misfit Yogi, for bringing me to "Me". I recommend Becky as a teacher and healer for anyone who has searched for their call or in need of healing. Thank you Becky. 

-Elizabeth O. - Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki Attunement and certification offered by Becky Hernandez is some of the best, BEST training I've received. She is a seasoned lineage holder (old soul) of this Universal Medicine and a wise instructor. If you are in the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley area, and even remotely curious about energy medicine and Chakras, you MUST train with her! One of the best! <3. Sign up now!
- Vale S. 
Becky blew my mind! I'm a skeptic, a dubious selective reasoner and she opened my mind and heart to new ways and new possibilities. She's very sweet and patient and will make you feel right at home. Happy vibes, ♥
- Maju G. 
 I can't say enough great things about Becky's genuine talent for healing and her sharp intuition. As an intuitive medium and reader myself, I have always found it difficult to see what is going on in my own life and it was always hard finding the right talented gifted reader who really tapped into the energy with spot on preciseness. Becky is a healer and a doll! I have found in her a genuine ability to get to the heart of a matter in a loving and honest way. I am thrilled she has her own business, I will be a frequent client.
- Jonisha R. 
Becky has been very helpful for me, both with her in person healing sessions as well as long distance. The recordings she sends me are so very helpful. I like that I can listen to them over and over and really get the message. She's unique in her style from other reiki healers that I've been to. I can highly recommend her for energy healing as well as a sounding board. I really appreciate all the extra time she takes to answer my questions and to give me the courage to continue on my path to healing. She's an extremely gifted healer as well as a genuine and very nice human being
- Rachel G. 
Becky is an extremely empathetic, intuitive and sensitive human being. When speaking with Becky, she is able to see past your words and into your soul. Being in her presence, you can feel her healing energy. She is very kind, but will also be direct if that is what you are seeking. Her meditations provide what you need at that time. Walking away, I have felt deeper understanding and openness. I am looking forward to attending another in the very near future. I am blessed for her soul to know mine. I definitely recommend her services, hands down.
- Jean B. 
During Becky's guided meditations, it's almost like I leave my body - I don't know what my consciousness is doing apart from deep healing, but I'm neither asleep or awake while I'm in that space, and when the bell chimes, I am more alert than ever, and totally refreshed.
So much healing is happening for me right now-these days-this past month and year, and I know my soul is doing some serious restructuring to support my growing levels of consciousness and awareness.
Whether a guided meditation, a reading, or a healing session, when I'm working with Becky, time seems to bend, and we clear out layers upon layers of confusion, physical, and emotional trauma, and we have even just shone light on how I can better listen to my own intuition so I can process and release the stuff that simply accumulates from day to day living.
I'm a grateful work in progress and doing Becky's meditations are both enriching and super grounding. I highly recommend working with her!
- Lizzie V. 
Becky's work is a gift. It has been difficult for me slow down and come back to center (especially lately), to get quiet and hear my own heartbeat, and connect to my own soul. When I have worked with Becky, whether it is a healing session or guided meditation, I always feel more connected, grounded, and peaceful. Her in energy alone is healing, but to have a session with her is a always a moving experience, that I am amazingly grateful for.
- Nelle L. 

I had an Intuitive Healing appointment with Becky a few weeks ago. Her work and her instincts on what areas needed more attention and were out of alignment was extremely accurate. Becky puts you right at ease as soon as you meet her and from there her energy work completes what her personality brought to the table. I would strongly recommend Becky whether you are new to to energy work or looking for an additional practitioner

- Tamera H. 


Becky is great at energy healing and yoga! She is has been treating me for two months, and it has helped immensely. I always feel better after her sessions. I love both the 1-on-1 personal sessions, and the remote sessions. Her follow-up emails are spot on and very helpful. I've been referring all my friend to her. She has a gift for healing. She is the real deal. 

- Karen S. 


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