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Learn to Guide an interactive Meditation

Past life Journey, Connect to Angels & More

Meditation & Journey Classes:

Want to learn, practice and experience guided meditations to other realms, past lives and communicating with your guides! Want the basics of guiding these sessions intuitively for others. Want to work on your confidence? This is the class for you! Good for teachers, therapists, practitioners, group events and for your own personal use!

Here are the options for your one on one personalized course:

  • Learn to guide a meditation

  • Learn to guide a journey meditation to meet guides

  • Learn to guide past life journeys

  • Work on or learn how to travel to other dimensions

  • Guide meditations for classes, students or groups

  • Intuitively guided meditations

  • Practice with teacher

  • Handouts and/or guide books

Price: $299.00 (4-5 hours) one on one course 

Group Workshops, Free Events & Other classes 

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