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1 day juice cleanse!

Yes, I'm juicing!!!

I'm a big eater and I LOVE food! That being said this last year with yoga, removing chemicals from my home (thank you pintrest!)a

nd my mind-body awareness, I have become way more aware of the world we live in and how it affects me. Not just my body, but my mind and soul as well.

One thing I committed to do this year is a cleanse.. YIKES, RIGHT?! Believe me I am not that type of person. I'm sure with yoga and everything else from my website it seems as though I am but No way! I struggle with sugar, cigarettes, and other "bad" things every day! I'm not perfect, but because of the health issues I've had these last several years, I am trying to do my best. My best with NO JUDGEMENT!

I tried the cleanse shooting for 3 days and didn’t make it, however, 1 day I could do. I started researching and found out any amount of time on a juice cleanse is good for you. It helps the system re-boot, repair and rejuvenate! Here are some other ways it helps your system:

1) Improved energy.

2) Floods our body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

3) Clearer skin

4) Better sleep

5) It gives your liver a break.

6) The gut needs time to rest and repair

I won’t get into a lengthy essay about this, but I will tell you I love it! I have so much energy, and my body feels so much better after just 1 day! I try to do it now 1 day - every week! I'm smart about it though. I don’t want to have a day a week where I am miserable or freaked out! Not that, that’s happened, but hedging my bets as they say.

I start Thursday night after dinner (around 5 or 6) which means I only have to curb the late night sweet attack that comes on, sleep, then drink my cold pressed juices the next day until around 3:30pm, try and take a nap, then BAM its dinner time!! I make it easy too. I don’t use the fancy-hard to clean juicers. I go to wholefoods, sprouts, fresh and easy or even starbucks and get my juices! It cost me about $30-$35 for 6 juices. OH also I start my cleanse with hot water, lemon, garlic and sometimes ginger! This gets things super activated and makes for the cleanse to go much faster!

Well.. I had to share. I hope you try it!! Let me know how it goes!

Namaste.. Always in the light..

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