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Free Reiki Healing Summit!

Ready to hear some of the most amazing Reiki insights, case studies and valuable practices and tools to apply in your daily life?

Attend the Free Reiki Healing Summit Winter 2018 which starts on January 22, 2018, and each audio session will offer the amazing opportunity of bringing more depth to your current practice. Over 35 Reiki experts. Listen for free.

Reiki supports our lives in so many ways!

• Increased peace of mind • Greater spiritual growth • Increased feelings of connection to each other, the Earth & the Divine or our Higher Self • Greater wellness in body, mind, and spirit • Increased feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude toward self and others • Shedding of repeating self-limiting beliefs and behaviors

Whether you are curious about Reiki, new to Reiki, or a seasoned Reiki practitioner who wants to deepen your practice, expand your understanding or grow your Reiki business, our summit guest speakers will educate you and support your journey! The guests represent a diverse range of experts, topics, and insight into Reiki practice. From Animal Reiki, Angels, meditation, and crystals to Reiki research, Reiki in healthcare, speaking about Reiki to the public and building a Reiki business, you will find it all here! Each of the guest speakers is a leader in Reiki, with a depth of practice and many years of experience in their specific area of study and expertise. They understand their topic personally because they have lived it and they are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Listen the speakers help you!

• Truly understand what Reiki is and what it does, as well as what to expect from it • Renew your relationship with yourself and your Reiki practice • Clarify how to discuss Reiki in a way that is helpful and can be understood • Practice in a way that truly supports yourself and others • Give you pointers in building a Reiki business

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