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Natural NIGHT cream

Natural Night Cream (for natural day cream click here)

Living an organic and natural lifestyle I now make MANY MANY things from my oils and other natural products. Actually, I pretty much make everything now!

One of the main questions I get is for a good night cream. This one is great for hydrating, soothing, disinfecting, adding vitamins, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, lessening lines & discolorations in the skin and MUCH MUCH more!

I use it every night. It's wonderful because its natural and has so many benefits. It goes on a little greasy but because its coconut oil based it soaks right in within a couple minutes. Just be careful not too put too much rose-hip oil in as that may clog your pores but because of the tea tree (which is good for acne) it may not. Do not use during the day as lemon can be photosensitive to the sun and cause spots.

Make sure you only use natural and organic ingredients. Don’t skimp on the ingredients because this is your face! Also, in the long run it is WAY less expensive to invest in qualify young living oils and organic products then to buy those expensive face creams. A little goes ALONG way with oils.

Try it out and let me know what you think!!



Young Living Member Number: 2689621

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