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Full Moon in Sagittarius Reading - Freedom in the unknown

Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy Update: "Freedom in the unknown"

The full moon was in Sagittarius yesterday and what it brought in was some new insights into these - let's just say, "weird" times we are in. The sadness, gloom, and intenseness of feelings are showing up in our bodies, our emotions and definitely in our minds. Waves of grief, old trauma and fear have been creeping up. Coming out. Most likely you have either felt stagnant and disconnected or overwhelmed and emotional or all the above. It's like an exorcism of a piece of a whole part of our old lives. This can be extremely painful, and then totally freeing.

There is a lot of change happening. Internally and externally. More and more unknowns about our path and our futures. The feeling of uncertainty about who we are, how we feel and what with everything that's happening. New revelations and experiences leading us to a new life. Things that once were - are no longer. This can be strictly internal. How we work on a soul level. Karmas being released and how we respond to our world. Externally, things we use to be able to "handle" or "deal with" are no longer useful to us and then the fear sets in. Wounds of our past, clearing away for our futures. But the future is still uncertain and that can be the scariest thing of all.

These 3 cards are guiding us to "roll with the punches" and to be flexible with all of these new changes, feelings, and new path. To embrace and lean into uncertainty and the unknowns. To allow the healing of our past, and to clear up any loose ends or remaining cords that connect us to feelings, beliefs, and wounds of our past.

"Flexible - Teachability; open-mindedness; being adaptable without compromising whats most important"

A tree's roots are solidly planted in the ground, yet its branches can bend in a hurricane... whereas a rigid structure, like a building, would come crashing down. Consider how the tree remains supple and secure when everything around it may be in shambles. This is how you need to be now: willing to learn new things, be teachable, malleable, yet firmly grounded in who you are. Common sense is important, but so is an open mind. Stay curious, stay open. Stay aware.

“Even when you have a clear vision of how you are going to manifest something – what it will look like, who will share in it, and what will then be available to you-you still need to relax and open up to other possibilities. Spirit may have much better plans for you. It could be a job you had not thought of, a new source of money, or some other opportunity that eluded your imagination. Be flexible and remind yourself: This, or something better, manifests for me now. Then be willing to bend a little. Enjoy the miraculous results.”

Unfinished Symphony ~ Essential Meanings: “Unfinished business; an incomplete lesson; lack of closure; the need to make amends.”

“This is a time to tie up loose ends as you near the completion of a cycle or project and mastery of a lesson or skill. Before you can move forward, it is important that you come to terms with where you are now. Practice radical acceptance. Take inventory so that emotional and psychological closure can occur and the answers you seek will be found. You cannot move forward if you are leaving things unfinished. Reflect on what has passed so that the symphony can finally end 0n a high note.”

"Mending - Forgiveness; making amends; healing after"

"Each time we are hurt and allow the hurt to pass through us without understanding and integration we accumulate an unwanted burden. This keeps us chained to the very things we need to heal: the pain, the memories, the echoes, of resentments, and the arguments that we rehearse over and over. Now is the time for mending rifts, healing wounds, and letting go of the old hurts in order to reclaim your power. Now is the time to forgive, to release, to make peace and to make amends to set yourself free."

Do your best to practice non-resistance. Allow the feelings no matter how "weird". But don't attach. Just because a thought, feeling or something uneasy comes your way it probably does not mean what you think. It's too soon to tell. Stay flexible, reflect on your past, then allow it to wash over you, then wash away. Do your best to not cling to these feelings of fear. But allow them to show you what they need to teach you and then move on. Find freedom in the unknown.

Above all else, ask the universe for protection and care, do what you feel like doing and trust everything that is and has happened has a special purpose for you and your life.

Much Love...


Oracle Cards/Descriptions by Colette Baron - Reid (Wisdom of the Oracle)

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