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Super Moon Energy Update "Fear is our teacher and love is our answer"

Super Moon & Lunar Eclipse Energy Update: "Fear is our teacher and love is our answer "

This is a big time of relationships, whether romantic, friendship or otherwise. A big time of old traumas and fears moving up and out. A time of interpersonal transformational - its effects on you, and your path. It is a time for some to fall in love, but for most to fall into the fire. The fire burns. It burns, hurts and can be extremely painful. But ultimately the fire isn't here to detroy you but to burn away those limiting beliefs of what you know or believe to be love. To then rise up like the phoenix from the ashes - reborn.

Love is not obsession, fear, low self-esteem or angst. That is the ego, the trauma.

At its core and pureness - love is bright, joyful, freedom and bliss.

It is comfort, connection and unconditional partnership.

How though will you know what to look for in love without seeing what it's not?

This is a time of re-evaluating your relationships, your beliefs and the roles they both play in your life.

What may have worked before is not working now, and the power you have in these situations are more than you know.

You have a choice. Not an easy choice but a choice nonetheless.

A choice to see where trauma has guided you and ask for help to free it.

Free it, and see the truth of it. Seeing the truth as its appearing is the first step to free it. To not shy away from it in order to protect your outdated belief systems but instead, really allow it to come show you the way.

These 3 cards are guiding us to embrace these times of confusion & uncertainty within our relationships and to re-direct our thinking away from trauma and towards love.

Just as a practice. Not with force, but with love.

Guiding us to review our perspective that sometimes it is not about the person or situation that is in our lives, but how we react to it, and how WE act within these connections. Guiding us to allow these teachers to show us what we really deserve, who we really are and what we truly desire. To see them as teachers, release them, focus on what we do want and ask for help in order to do so. Ask for guidance on what is really going on and where it's coming from.

Don't go through this alone. There is no need. You have plenty of support - the trick is - asking for it. The universe has got you. Has shaken you to awaken you and all you have to do is move through it. With love and compassion.

"Soul Mates" - Harmonious partnerships, a relationship fostering growth"

You are meant to evolve and transform with the companionship of others. Certain people enter your life to take you to the next level of healing, consciousness, and authenticity. You know these people by the strong pull drawing you toward them and sometimes by a strong aversion to them, initially. Soul mates can be friends, lovers, mentors for life or remain in your life for a short time. No matter what - you will be changed. Pay attention to these people today, they are your greatest teachers and your greatest gifts. This is a journey you share with others. Mentors, business partners, helpers, friends etc. This is the ultimate lesson and break through you've been waiting for.

"Treasure Island" - The law of attraction bringing dreams into fruition, the results of positive thinking"

You've worked hard and if you have acted upon your unwavering belief in abundance. You have at the very least uncovered the map. What you must hone now is the ability to recognize when X marks the spot. Trust your intuition to light the way, so you can see these many treasures in front of you.

Let others help you to see this and feel this as you move forward. There's nothing left holding you back. Re-direct your thinking out of any sort of lack, back to the essence of freedom and love.

Poverty consciousness and a sense of "not enough" in any situation cast a shadow on your path. These ideas and core beliefs come with a very high cost. See these truths, and belief it can happen for you.

"A Leg Up" Receiving help, Interdependence.

You've come to a point where going it alone is no longer optimal for you. The universe has a way of presenting the perfect people in front of you to help you on your journey. The trick is you gotta see it and be willing to receive it. And be willing to ask for help, and receive guidance when needed. Don't let the ego convince you that asking or receiving help makes you "weak" or "wrong". Everyone needs help, and the ego will convince you otherwise. Don't listen, instead, take that leap of asking for help and receiving help.

Are you able to see that this is all about your evolution? That there is nothing wrong with you. Able to see that what is coming up within your life and relationships is actually coming up for your ultimate healing not for your ultimate demise? Coming up and through so that you may have the fullest life possible. The life you've been asking for?

The life that is waiting for you?

But you must not spiritual by-pass or avoid instead allow them to flow through you, as you release them - then bring your attention back to the present and back to the image of the purest essence of you, that which is love.

With love and gratitude...


--Oracle Cards and part of writing from the guide book of :

Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

(Also published on Rebelle Society)

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