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  • Becky Hernandez - The Misfit Yogi

What if...

What if there were no real answers to the questions you are asking.

What if the feeling of seeking will always be with you, and that seeking within the question - was your only answer.

What if that sense that there is more - is because there is more and that the reason you can not attain it, is because it is so much bigger than your existence on this plain - in this life. And that because of that there is no way to fully experience the magnitude of your light in this limited space and time. And that, the sense of "needing more" will always be with you.. What if.. You're not supposed to attain it.

What if.. The real confusion is that you're trying to experience all of that light here - all of the light of who you truly are within this one vessel and its impossible.. What if.. That's the cause of the confusion.

What if.. Trying to find an answer to the feeling of life long "missing" is never to be found.. What if.. You're not supposed to find it..

What if.. Explaining the infinite you is impossible.. What if.. You're not supposed to explain it..

What if.. You were made to do more, feel more and be more but not all within this finite body. That you could and are living more of your purpose within other plains.. Other dimensions.. Other lives.. All now, in this very moment - all at once.

What if.. you stopped looking for "answers" and focused solely on the questions. What if seeking the answers was your only calling. But not actually receiving them..

Where would you be and how would you feel if you knew there were no answers - just questions..

What if.. That's the real fear we all face. That we will never fully have the answers - ever.

What if.. We actually "know" nothing and never truly will... That nothing is all we know.. What if that's our starting point. What if, that's our only answer.

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