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The return of Lord Karma

An intense time as we move into a new phase of life. A new deconstruction and a rebuilding of values, beliefs, relationships and truths. At a karmic and deep, very deep level. No time to think, no time to decide, it's all happening. The overwhelm of decisions is that you are using fear as the guide and your mind to try and control whats happening on a soul level. You are being reunited with the supreme source. The source of the divine. Things are being moved out of your routine and normal way of life to make room for new insights, new relationships and ultimately a new foundation. But this can not happen without total demolition of the core. Distractions are not working at this time. And the ground you once knew is crumbling. This has been a long time coming.. Many many years, many lifetimes. It feels sudden, as the planets shift into this new phase, but it's not. Its been preparing you for this very moment. You've been holding onto these securities, these values - this way of life for far too long. The heartaches. The anxiety is palpable. The fear of the almighty unknown. This unknown is unfamiliar, not a feeling you've had before. It's running all through your system. Physiological, psychic, subtle, conscious and unconscious. You've asked for this and now the decisions are being made on your behalf. Lord Karma. To break down the barriers between you and the life you've always wanted. Gut you at a core level to bring about true change. You can feel it. In your soul. In your gut. In your heart. This is a new transition. A new phase in development. So know we are just at the beginning. Rocking our foundation. Again, breaking down everything we believe we are solid in. But there is no ground now. Find ground in the groundless. Be IN the unknown. Sit with all the feelings. Find ways to embrace it. Practice harnessing the energy of "bring it" rather then the energy of "no don't" or avoidance. It will just make the struggle that much harder. That much longer. This transition is shaking you to awaken you. At a level you've never experienced before. This time is all about building new strength. This time is to show us our boundaries, our limits, what we perceive as truth, security and life as we know it. A time to break down all of these limiting securities and re-connect us with the only "thing" that's solid - love - God. When nothing is left and you are swirling in chaos with no direction, no answers and too many questions there is only one source left. And it is not outside of you. It's within you and its all around you. Its the source of all things and it will never abandon you. When you die, when you're reborn, this is the only source left. Find that space within you. To guide you through this transition and time. Sit with the unknown. With no attachment to what that might mean. Find that light that guides you home.

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