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Full Moon in Aries - Be in the void. Feel its shadow.

The Full Moon in Aries - Be in the void. Feel its shadow.

This Full Moon in Aries on October 5th and this time in general, feels heavy, overwhelming and yet another push to reveal our shadows. The deep down and darkest parts of ourselves, and of our world. Feeling grief. Feeling lost. Feeling abandoned. Abandoned by society, abandoned by God.

But these are just feelings and they have a purpose. This is a time of the great void. We've been working our way towards this space. To help detach and live fully. To not just see that life is precious, but to sit with and feel the deepest parts of ourselves. Sit with the deepest parts of the collective.

As I pulled these three cards, I could feel the heaviness. Not just the sadness, and darkness in the cards but in the collective.. I heard and felt this would be more of a "sit in it" reading than an optimistic one. This can be hard to share, and hard to feel - for all of us. But we must allow the feelings, in order to receive change.

"Orphaned - A sense of loss, an identity crisis, uncertainty about your placeWe were all meant to have connections with other people - within our families, society, and the larger culture. No man is an island, and it's important to recognize when being "a part of" rather than "separate from" is essential to your well-being. This card reminds you that you cant be all things to all people. Be clear about your mission, and your contribution to the world, as these, must be based on what you authentically have to offer. Don't force this connection, but rather feel the sense of loss and allow it to connect you with the whole.

"Chop wood - Being grounded in all experiences"There are times when you are meant to pay attention to the simple things and focusing on this can help you detach from your fears, clear your energy and just be present with what is. Now, is a great time to commune with nature. Get grounded, and appreciate the little things. It's too overwhelming in the world now to focus on the "big picture". First and foremost, get still and allow yourself the space to feel, to release, to allow for more receptivity of the deeper meaning of everything.

"The Fates - Fate; Karma; acceptance that there are things you cannot change and knowing what those things are"The Serenity prayer sums up the meaning of this card. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." There are things in life you will never be able to control. The conditions brought on by the evolution of the collective, by nature, and by your past experiences may be fated, preordained by Spirit and for the greater purpose that you may never understand in this lifetime. However, you do have the power to accept what is, and that the universe has a bigger plan for you and everyone involved. It is difficult to understand why painful things happen to good people. Fate is a mystery, after all. Yet what we do with our circumstances, the way in which we respond to life's challenges, is how we rise up to greet our destiny. Now is one of those times to be aware of your powerlessness to change certain situations and surrender to accept.

It is a part of our ever-changing human experience to feel and see things that are unpleasant, sad and sometimes devastating. To really get into the core of our spirits, and the true and pure spirit of our world. To dig down to that deep empathetic part of all of us in order to connect fully. Denying this connection leads to insanity.

Practice connection, practice stillness and allow the void. Above all practice trust in the all-knowing, and almighty spirit of the universe.

Much love & light to you all..


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