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  • Becky Hernandez - The Misfit Yogi

Reiki Never Fails - Even if You Do

As an intuitive healer, I use both Reiki, other energy methods and my intuition to hear and feel things to help guide the client.

I start with Reiki – Always.

As I begin, I connect myself to the earth, call in angels and guides to remove any and all negativity from me and my energy, ask for protection, pull myself aside (the ego) – then call in the universal light to work through me to help heal whats best for the highest good. I always do this, draw the symbols and channel Reiki energy. What I noticed is no matter what’s happening – Reiki never fails.

Whether the client feels unsure, hesitant, not relaxed, scared and so forth. Whether I feel off, I’m having a bad day, my intuition feels distant – Reiki never fails. This fact for me is always wonderful to be aware of. Because even if my ego gets in there and says “it’s not working” or “you’re not feeling it” I always get a confirmation in some way – that Reiki works!

I also am not a believer of the theory that you must be 100% for Reiki to work, or for healing to take place. The first issue I have with that, is that no one is 100% every day. So the idea that you must be “full” first in order to channel something beyond you like Reiki – seems silly. And obviously, it gives the impression that if you aren’t “full” then you shouldn’t be a healer.

How would you then get out of yourself? How would you heal if you are not helping others? I have talked with several healers such as spiritual therapists, Reiki healers, and other holistic healers and they all say the same thing. That it transmits through you, not from you.

In addition, I don’t believe in a universe that will “punish” another person because I don’t feel good. And if it does, this is not Reiki.

Not too long ago, I was having one of the worst days. I literally didn’t know how I would function. I continued on, and gave myself permission to do whatever I felt. I assumed that meant I would cancel my appointment, but I didn’t. When the client came they were going through something similar. But it was on the positive side of my negative. I had the thought that I would not be able to get through this without crying, or possibly transmitting this negativity to this person. But I continued. I did the process I mentioned above about calling in the light and worked Reiki with this person. Once we were done I was sure that they wouldn’t feel anything or if they did it would be negative. They felt the opposite! They felt clear, balanced, relieved and more free. They were none the wiser of my situation. Not because of me, but because of Reiki.

After this session, I noticed that every time – every single time – Reiki did what it was meant to do. This is a big help working as a practitioner. Knowing that you can’t mess up. That you are just a channel – Transmitted light, healing energy. That no matter if I was in the best mood or the worst – it did its job. This is one of the many beautiful things about Reiki. It does what it needs to, goes where it needs to go and I am just a channel. It will always be light and nothing I do will stop that.

(Published on Reiki Rays - Written by Becky Hernandez)

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