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Mercury Retrograde - August 12th

Mercury Retrograde

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

"Through conflict and lessons - we find our way home"

The upcoming Mercury retrograde (starts August 12 and ends on September 5) amidst a recent Uranus retrograde, Lionsgate and eclipses is a time of overwhelming and high emotions, in addition to much confusion – especially in the realm of communication and relationships.

But this Mercury retrograde has a lot more in store for us. It is a time of inner and outer tension. A time of lessons and uncertainty. Ultimately to bring us new insights, connection – not just to others but to ourselves.

The ego is running high right now.

People feeling victimized, uneasy, and ultimately afraid. A fear that we are losing out in this world or that it’s being taken from us. But what is actually being taken is a piece of our old self. A piece that has gone against the grain of our very existence for a long time. We can not release this piece though until we see the truth of it. This is the lesson. More conflicts, more lessons, more ego. To show us the truth of ourselves. The good, bad and indifferent. To show us the many layers underneath all this fear.

It is a time of turmoil, but not for nothing. To reconnect to true relationships. true love and our highest selves.

How can we know our true value and power without someone questioning it? Know our real worth that’s not based on the assumptions of others?

These three cards were pulled with the question – “what is in store for us during this time, and what would be most helpful for us to know now”

“Chaos & Conflict” – Disarray; being at cross-purposes with another; the tension of opposites; the value of chaos before order

Opposing forces come together to create a turbulent atmosphere. But consider the value of chaos that serves you well, as you become unmoored by it. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need and disperse seeds to reinvent yourself a new. Although the conflict appears to exist externally, its essence is also internal, projected outward and causing disarray. You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone else, facing a storm you feel you can’t control. Yet every storm passes and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Conflight provides a way to see more than one side of a situation. Look upon this as a just moment in time when you may need to take shelter and step away from the fray. Don’t be too eager to fight. This is a time to understand rather than to be understood.

Circumstances appear to be chaotic, but everything that is happening now is in truth shaking things up so you can find the real path to your prosperity. Yes, it’s is a stormy time, and it feels as if there are opposing forces wherever you turn. Be reassured that there is Divine purpose in this chaos.

“Unfinished Symphony” – Unfinished business; an incomplete lesson; lack of closure; the need to make amends

This is a time to tie up loose ends as you near the completion of a cycle or project and master of a lesson or skill. Before you can move forwards, it’s important that you come to terms with where you are now. Practice radical acceptance. Take inventory so that emotional and psychological closure can occur and the answers you seek will be found. You can’t move forward if you are leaving things unfinished.

“No Place Like Home” – Authenticity; coming home to yourself; feeling at home; arriving at a place where you just “fit”; being comfortable in your own skin.

Home feels safe and secure; it’s a comfortable place to rest and create, a place that is known and you can call yours. This card signals that once you’re through this chaos and the lessons have been learned – that you will have the ability to trust yourself more. This is one of the biggest reasons for this time we are in. As you claim and solidify through these times your dignity, integrity – aspects of yourself no one can take from you.

This is a time of resistance. A time of discovery. Discovering a piece of yourself that has real and authentic power. A power you didn’t know you had until it was challenged.

You must go through these lessons and

hardships in order to really and truly find out where you stand, and who you are. Through struggles, we discover what really matters. Through conflict, we find our way back to ourselves.

Much love and gratitude to you..



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