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The weight has been so great this week, especially with the heart.

A culmination of last year, really breaking open our wounds, our fears, our insecurities and making us constantly question every thought and decision we have and make. This is a buildup of traumatic events from last year. And now is the shredding of those wounds, people and events. It has been happening for some time, but it really pushed us to a breaking point this week.

This New moon and its astrological aspects are asking us to really feel this darkness and to push through all of its negative beliefs. Our negative beliefs. And to commune back with Source. We have been pushing so hard to get through it, to move forward and to release ourselves of these burdens, we forgot about the great and powerful Universe.

This is partially due to such a physical energetic time we have been through. That allowed us to get back in touch with our bodies, our world and ourselves. But this struggle to do everything on our own is taxing. It’s depleting and exhausting. Do you remember when the flow of the Universe was a part of you and your life? This is really a time to become one again with the Divine. To return home.

These three cards are encouraging you to release what no longer serves you to this New Moon, and to build things anew based on Spirit, love, and belonging.

“Higher Power: Conscious contact with a higher power; the presence of the Divine; seeing Source energy in all things.”

This card reminds you that you are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for yourself and others. You are gifted a human life through which a higher power can express itself. At this time you need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit, and foster it through prayer and meditation.

Ask: What is the highest good for all? Then get out of your own way, and trust that there is a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever know. You are always protected and divinely directed.

If you are obsessing about expectations, money, people, places or things, these will be the source from which you create. But you want the Spirit to be your source.

“Not for you: A clear knowing that something is being denied you; rejection is God’s protection.”

There are many times when it appears that no matter how deeply you desire something, no matter how hard you work at something, the result you seek always seems to elude you. You feel as though you are always watching from the sidelines.

This card indicates it’s time for radical acceptance and you aren’t going to get exactly what you want right now, but forces beyond your control who desire the best for you are protecting you. Don’t chase after what flees from you. Don’t obsess over what eludes you. This just causes discomfort. I’m sure you have been seeing the red flags. Trust that something better is waiting for you. Have patience.

“The Tribe: Community, belonging, like-minded connections; knowing your place in the world.”

Beware of compromising your integrity in order to belong. How do you dim your light or change yourself so others will accept you? Do you hide who you really are in order to play a role in the larger whole? This will never fulfill you! Now is a time to assess your willingness to be real. Stand tall. Be you. Authenticity is true self-expression and the only way to empower yourself.

It’s time now to find your real tribe. Like-minded and supportive people. People who will support and love you no matter what.

Use these energetic times of hardship and heaviness to push you towards surrender. You’ve been defeated, and that’s okay. It was for the best, and there was a purpose behind it.

Allow these energies to help free you of the old wounded ideas and to reconnect with something more powerful than you — the Divine. To help you find more of your authentic self, what you truly desire and to shed you of the old. To cleanse those beliefs that your value has anything to do with what other people think, and to find your true essence and truest self, with the help of a higher power.

It has been a lonely year, and now that you have been scalped of some of these old ideas and wounds, find your supportive community, more loving partners, and commune with these people. Let go of the rest.

(Published on Rebelle Society & Energy Therapy)

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