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May 2017 New Moon ~ Lessons and The Path to Transcendence

This energetic time recently, especially this couple of weeks has been filled with anxiety and discomfort. You may have been feeling isolated and confused as to if you should move or stay still. It's that feeling of being on the fence. That you never know which way to turn, or the best option to take.

This sense that no matter which way you turn - you will be hit with yet another "lesson". You may not have realized they were lessons, but if you look you will see how much they've taught you.

This is what you've asked for, whether recently or many years ago.

Think about a time when you asked the universe "for a new life" or "patience" or "love". This is how you discover it, this is how you transcendence. How can you transcend fully without these teachings?

This is all a part of the process. This IS the path

The upcoming new moon is here to help you reflect and implement these new lessons. To see and acknowledge how much they've helped you, and to see how much you've changed. Without these changes and this transformation, you could not be strong enough to live the life you've always wanted..

These 3 cards are confirming what you've been feeling, that you've been on a battlefield of learning. That at every turn there seems to be another new lesson. It feels overwhelming and discombobulating. It feels that you will never get through it. This has been going on for some time and is hitting a transitional point. The lessons are now transcending you to a new place. It's building the inner power you need to withstand the next phase of your life.

"Dharma Unfolding -Remember that you are on a path. Take one step at a time to happiness"

When Djwal appears he reminds you that your path is unfolding as it should. Take one step at a time and remember that your only function is to be happy. You are a powerful person with many lessons under your belt and a real capacity to share your wisdom. Take the time to go over what you have learned recently, recognize the strengths it has brought you and acknowledge where you have been courageous.

"Higher Learning - You have learned from experience. More inner study is now required to further progress"

You have learned so much to this point and are learning more every day You are recognizing all the great lessons your experiences and challenges have brought to you and are preparing for a transition or inner ascension where you will move beyond another level of fear and into the inner sanctum of your heart and soul. Become aware of patterns, and signed being sent to you from the universe. There's a sense that you are now able to focus in a new way and offer greater light to the world.

"Inner strength - Move back to wholeness. Recognize that you have the power"

Your spiritual fire is growing within. Recognize that the power of your soul is greater than you think. You have come a long way since you began this journey. There is a powerful force within you and you have the ability to create wonderful changes in your own life and inspire those around you to do the same. Beware of new opportunities and/or ideas that can grow into something larger than you may imagine.

There have been so many things in your life, you've been facing, there has been no time to see and receive their full purposes. This new moon is a time to really process what has been happening, and allow it to move you forward to fullness. It is up to you to transcend darkness, to use what you've learned to guide you to happiness.

Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the lessons. Use them to transport you to a higher state of being. Use them to live the life you deserve.

(Published on Love Has won)

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