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Unsure about Becoming a Reiki Master or Master Teacher?

I have seen many different reasons one is drawn to Reiki Master and/or Reiki Master teacher, and it’s not always about what you would think.

Not every Reiki practitioner or Reiki attuned person has the desire to continue to Master or Master Teacher. Some may think this is because they didn’t “feel” or experience much in their first attunements or that they weren’t interested in “teaching”.

I believe there is way more to it than that. I believe the people not drawn to Master, intuitively knew they were not ready to hold such a responsibility.

Reiki Master and especially Reiki Master Teacher hold a higher responsibility than you may think, but not in the way you may have thought. You had made a commitment of sorts to spread healing, love and light to the world. Don’t mis-interpret this by thinking you are now “locked into Reiki” you’re not, you have free will. However, you did make an energetic agreement.

The world obviously needs love and healing. As a Reiki Master or Master teacher, you have made that agreement with the universe to share what has been shared with you. To help heal for the highest good of all.

I have seen many Master and Master Teacher students come in just thinking it would help them with clients, but they come to find out that it helped them in many other ways.

I have had others that had no idea why they choose to do Reiki Master or Master teacher because they had no “interest” in being a full-time practitioner or teacher. They just felt drawn to it. As I watch these people’s lives unfold, I see many many times that what they thought in their mind, was actually not what was going on in their heart. The shy ones who never thought they would work with people, end up having a special gift, and are highly intuitive and very active practitioners. They end up working with lots of beings whether people, animals or the environment and everything changes.. In some other cases, the people that just knew they would be practitioners, let their Reiki practices go to the waist side and either don’t pick it up again for several months, years or ever again – for them, it was not about working with others, but allowing the Master attunements to help heal their karmic patterns, old wounds, unbalanced energy fields and overall health and well-being. To get to the root cause of their diseases, thinkings or lack of spiritual connection.

Reiki master is not just about gaining an attunement for a new symbol to work with others. The Master symbol is the change we seek or need on the most important level – our spiritual level. This is the root cause of many diseases and disorders.

Reiki master is also about clearing out more karmic patterns, in order to open the Reiki channel even more. In turn, this helps not only our spiritual growth, but our intuitive growth as well. Of course, this makes sense, since they are on the same level. But not everyone is aware of that.

>>>> Here are my suggestions if you are unsure if you want to move towards Reiki Master and/or Reiki Master Teacher.<<<<

  1. Meditate Get still and ask for guidance. Ask your heart to show you what is best for you. Not what you “think” is best, but what actually is best. No judgments or “shoulds” – just truth. Allow this to come through you in the softest way. If the answer is “yes” move towards that and see what happens. If the answer is “no” just work on accepting that, and if you feel drawn to it again, meditate again. You may not be ready just yet.

  2. Notice Notice if a teacher, article or other Master material seems to be popping up all around you. It may just be a quote from a teacher that you relate to. Just notice these things, again, no judgment. See how this unfolds.

  3. Read Read books that talk about Reiki Master and/or Master teacher. There are several out there. Just make sure it includes information about Reiki Master. I have favorites, but I believe its really what you feel drawn to. Allow your intuition to guide you.

  4. If you still feel drawn to Reiki Master/Reiki Master Teacher (after the above) and feel drawn to a particular teacher, that differs from your original, that’s completely normal and allowed. Ask if you can observe one of their classes or events. You’ll know pretty quickly if they are right for you.

  5. Finally, and most important. Check in with your intuition. Maybe you feel drawn to it in some ways, but fears are holding you back. That’s okay, just allow it to go in and out. And bring yourself back to the present. Work with Reiki Self Healing, and meditation to release those blocks and if it’s best for your highest good, it will be clear.

Something I’ve seen very often it’s how the right time will definitely present itself. You don’t have to worry when or how – Reiki will show you.

Being a Reiki Master Teacher is one of the most rewarding, if not most rewarding thing I do in my practice. Watching people explore this wonderful healing modality is a true gift. Guiding people to discover their talents, gifts and magic – is the most beautiful thing to experience. However, I had no idea when I started the Reiki journey that this is where I would end up. I just trusted that something was on its way, and that it would find me. I am so grateful it did and I hope you do too!

Much love & light!

(Published on Reiki Rays)

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