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Natural Baby Wipes Recipe

Natural Baby Wipes!

These are great baby wipes, bathroom and hand wipes! All natural and easy to make. They clean, sanatize and soothe. The ingrediants are all natural.

Combine the above ingrediants all together, mix well then add the essential oils, mix again and cut in half a Viva (I have used regular paper towels too, its fine just thinner OR any baby wipes you have now but make sure to clean thouroughly to elimante any chemical residue) and coat the paper towels in the solution. I use an old baby wipe holder OR a big round cylinder tubberware.

So what you will need:

1 1 /2 cup distilled or boiled water (if boiled let it cool)

1 Tablespoon castle soap (I use bronners baby to avoid any irritation but any will do)

1 Tablespoon PURE aloe gel (get this from Wholefoods or some other health store, do NOT use the green one with all the chemicals

1 Tablespoon Olive oil (you can use almond or some other sensitive oils, but this is always in my house and works great)

10-15 drops of Lavender & Teach Tree (melaleuca) oils (if you use Young living which I highly recommend as it is the most natural and very potent, then you can use less then the above)

If you have any questions, I am happy to help!


Becky - Young Living #2689621

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