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All of my energy work is guided by light & love with the intention of healing. Customized to each individual, based on my intuitive gift and guided by their higher self & angelic guides. Please see my  "services" page for more detailed descriptions. Please book through my online booking tab by clicking here.
My healing studio & class room are located in Reseda/Northridge area of California (Los Angeles Area) I do travel for a fee. I also do distance work remotely all over the world! I also offer all sessions and classes through zoom online. 
For payment I accept cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or paypal (Zelle email is:, Venmo is @mysticalmisfit and paypal is:
If you have financial constraints, please contact me first, I am happy to help. :)
Discount for purchase of session packages (4 or more sessions - 10% off)
Spiritual Guidance/Coaching/Mentoring/Counseling - I will be happy to answer questions and continue any spiritual guidance/coaching before or after your session or in between your sessions (first 10 minutes is free) Charged at my hourly rate (can be pro-rated - see rates above). 
Intuitive Healing & Reading - In Person- Can Include: Reiki and/or other Energy healing modalities as well as balancing, clearing & Spiritual guidance, Intuitive Energy reading & questions as well. Can also include guided meditation or other techniques - $90.00 an hour or $135.00 for 1 1/2 hours.
Intuitive Healing & Reading - Distance -  Included- Remote viewing of your energy & space and facilitating healing, clearing, balancing aura, chakras and energy field, facilitate physical well-being and peace as well as a recorded channeling/reading & 1 card personal reading - $60.00
Additional time can be added to the remote healing and/or a phone session can be added, at my hourly rate. Which is usually 30 minutes or more - can be pro-rated - see rates above)
Deep Healing - Chakra - Package!

This consists of 7 deep healing sessions. Each session will focus on just one of the main energy centers (chakras) and everything connected to that chakra. It will include Reiki and other energy healing techniques on the chakra for that week, a reading on that chakra and anything else that comes up in relation to healing and that chakra. As well as suggestions, guidance and meditation for each. It's much more than working with the chakras, its to obtain healing and change within your whole life. This is a powerful package for people wanting to get to the root cause of their blocks or issues. This is for people dealing with deep trauma, or other majorly blocked issues in their work, relationships and/or past lives.

These are in person sessions, every week for 7 weeks. $750.00 (this includes a 10% discount) for 7 sessions, 1 1/2 hours each and including weekly suggestions and ways to continue your work and any support you need. (normally $945.00). This is a substantial discount. Please contact me with questions. 

Past Life Regression & Healing Therapy & Intuitive Guidance with some Reiki - $135.00 (1 hour & 30 minutes)
Guided Imagery & Interactive Journey Meditations with some Reiki - $135.00 (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Couples Healing & Therapeutic Sessions - $135.00 (1 hour & 30 minutes) Prefer to work with you one on one - individually prior to a full couples session. Also suggest purchasing a 4 session package including a 10% discount at $486.00
Breathwork Therapy:  Contact me to discuss and for special pricing!
Personalized Recorded Meditation - (designed for your specific energy & needs) $30.00 for a 30 to 40 minute meditation
Reiki 1, 2 & Master / Master Teacher, Intuitive, Medium & other Classes & Certifications - Please see "classes page" for prices and descriptions
Private Yoga Teaching  - (Contact me for details) 
Events: Please see " News & events" page for details
I offer TONS of specials & discounts in my newsletter!! Please sign up!
All sessions are guided by light and with the intention of healing. Please see my services page for more descriptions of each session type
Please see my "legal disclaimers" page prior to booking.
Please contact me with ANY questions or to customize your sessions! If you need to make special arrangements or posible sliding scale, I am happy to discuss! :)
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