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Energy Oil & Crystal Blends, Recorded Meditations & Gift Certificates

Essential Oil, Crystal & Reiki Infused Energy Blends

All rollers contain fractionated 100% pure coconut oil. Please contact me to purchase or if you have questions. Also available as energy house/body sprays for $3.00 more.


Root Chakra -Grounding/Calming                                                                         Sacral Chakra –Creativity/Connection

Essential Oils: White fir, spruce, Ylang Ylang, Pine,                                              Essential Oils: Tangerine, Clary Sage, & Cinnamon

Cedarwood, and Juniper                                                                                       These oils ignite & balance the Sacral chakra as well

These oils are made from trees & other earthly elements.                                    as help with hormones, sexual connection & creation.

Designed and intended to calm, ground, protect and balance.                           Designed to induce creative energy, connection in

Reducing stress & anxiety and connecting you to the earth.                                relationships & stimulate sexual energy.

Crystal: Garnet                                                                                                       Crystal: Carnelian

Garnet among other things is a powerful root chakra stone,                                 Balances energy levels, helps with creation  

It is known to bring calm to chaos, relieve fears, build self                                   of all types. Empowering & used for love, fertility and

confidence, release bad karma, protect from spirits, as well                                rekindling of passions, among many other energetic

as dispel and relieve depression.                                                                          properties.


Solar Plexus Chakra –Power/Strength                                                                    Heart Chakra -Abundance

Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle                                     Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass & abundance blend

Tea tree, Citronella & Peppermint                                                                          These oils are known to help open the heart, as well

These oils are designed to balance & strengthen this personal                            help in manifesting abundance. Powerful together, to

power center. Citrus fragrant, to invoke this chakra and                                       help balance this chakra as well as lighten your mood,  

help you to feel alert & ready to take on the world.                                                to help open your heart to love & gratitude.

Crystal: Citrine                                                                                                        Crystal: Green Aventurine

 As well as many other properties-Citrine is a success stone.                               Known as the “luckiest” of all stones. Its soft energy

Invoking power & strength to achieve your goals. It is a great                              helps you to release what no longer serves you &

personal power stone and has been known to help bring the                               open your heart, while promoting new growth.

strength & power necessary to manifest & succeed.                                             Brings optimism & a zest for life as well as many other

                                                                                                                                powerful qualities.


Throat Chakra –Authenticity/Communication                                                         Third Eye Chakra -Protection

Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Olive oil, Lavandin, Geranium                                   Essential Oils: Spruce, Geranium, Orange, Lavender,

Royal Hawaiian, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon                               Sage, Rose & Cedarwood

Spearmint, Blue cypress, Davana, Kaffir lime, Ocotea, Jasmine                          This oil blend helps to raise your energy & awareness,

Rose & Eucalyptus.                                                                                                in order to connect you to your intuition & other realms,

Powerful combination of oils to help release blocks in the throat                          while protecting you through your spiritual journeys &   

and other energetic centers. Empowers you to speak your truth                          from harsh energies within the physical world.

and live your authentic self.                                                                                    Crystal: Amethyst

Crystal: Blue Kyanite                                                                                              Amethyst helps connect to your third eye & other

High vibrational crystal, among  many other things it aids in creating better        dimensions, while protecting you from energetic attacks.

communication and self expression. Its impact when communicating,                Some of its many properties is enhancing intuition &

assists you to speak your personal truth.                                                               psychic powers in a calm & balanced way.



Crown Chakra – Spirituality/Divine Connection & Light                             

Essential Oils: Lavender & Cedarwood (and if available - White angelic). These oils are calming, light & angelic. Intended to help connect you to divine inspiration and guidance as well as guides, angels & other light beings. The energy of this is light & calming.

Crystal: Quartz – One of the widest known and highest vibrational crystals. It helps aid in connecting to the highest realm available in order to facilitate the highest connection


If you buy the set of 7 oils, you get one of these carrying cases for free (different color options available)!












Guided Journey Meditations

Past Life Journey Meditation - 35 Minutes - $8.00 - Contact me for link

(Intuitive interpretation of your journey as well as guidance or questions is available for a fee)


Guided by light and designed for healing and discovery. Whether you are drawn to a specific place, time or person - this meditation will help you to see into the subconscious to help uncover links to your life today. You may be having an issue with a person, situation or just life in general. These journeys can help you see and clear karmic ties, cords and contracts that may be holding you back. Seeing this connection is necessary in order to heal and move forward with clarity. This is an intro meditation and not a replacement for a full one on one past life regression therapy. 

Full Moon & New Moon Meditation - 40 Minutes -  $5.00 - Contact me for link


Balance your chakras, journey to higher realms, meet your guides and work with them to release what no longer serves you and receive messages and guidance from these magical and angelic beings. 

This guided journey meditation is powerful and packed with multiple levels to cleanse, release, heal and receive. It is also very calming and centering. 

Designed for the release of the Full Moon, this meditation can be used at any time, but I especially recommend it at the Full or New Moon. 

It is completely guided by love and light for your highest good.


Chakra Meditation - 34 Minutes- $5.00 - Contact me for link


Guided by light, and healing masters- this meditation is designed to help release energetic blocks within your 7 main energy systems - the chakras. It helps to get more in touch with these centers as well as connect to your power with each chakra. After this journey you will feel lighter, more empowered and balanced. This meditation can be done daily or weekly in order to keep this balance. It is especially good for clients that have already had energy work and would like to continue their processing or people new to meditation and energy work. 


Personalized Intuitive Recorded Meditation - Based on the needs & desires of the client as well any intuitive messages I hear from your guides. This meditation is customized to fit your energy specifically.  Price varies, but starts at $30.00 please contact me if interested, so I can gather information from you. 


Gift Certificates are also available for all products and services as well as any denomination! Can be emailed, printed or mailed!


Also, coming soon! New yoga, deity & spiritual apparel! 

Please contact me with questions. Namaste!! <3

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