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Vale's Offerings: Massage, Craniosacral & Tui Na

Swedish Massage: This type of massage is the most common. Clients undress to their level of comfort and remain draped throughout the session. An oil or lotion is used to massage the muscles and lymphatic systems of the body. It is important to tell your therapist if you have an acute flare-up such as inflammation due to a chronic health pattern, allergies to certain types of carrier oils, essential oils or nuts, if you have a new and inexplicable rash, and if you take medication for health concerns such as heart conditions or to regulate blood pressure. All medications should be disclosed to the therapist and they can discuss the importance of this information with you before your session. 


Deep Tissue / Deep Touch Massage: Deep tissue / deep touch is a method of addressing chronic muscle tension which works with your muscles, and at a pace that encourages release rather than what we call ‘armoring’ or tensing up; the body’s natural response to deep pressure or pain. This can become a pattern built up over time which leads to unhealthy chronic muscle tension. Through a series of slow compressions, we nurture a return to relaxation, full range of motion, reduced pain, and health. 


Intuitive Massage: The benefit of having been trained in a variety of techniques, each addressing different aspects of our human experience, is quite often these techniques can be combined to meet the needs of each client. Unless you are requesting a specific type of massage, most sessions will combine all of my training and 17 years of experience to facilitate healing with you. 

Craniosacral Therapy: Craniosacral Therapy is a session that promotes health and overall wellness. Clients remain clothed for the session, and in a laying down posture on the massage table. The therapist uses a variety of hand positions and light touch to facilitate change in the body and somatic systems; lymphatic, nervous system, structural, emotional, spiritual. This technique is a beautiful and very gentle approach to healing. Clients are encouraged to bring awareness to their body and their experience throughout the session rather than drifting too far off or falling asleep. It is a very relaxing session.


Tui Na: This type of massage is good for increasing energy or promoting a calming outcome, tonifying Qi and clearing obstructions. Structural issues such as sore muscles, chronic pain, and recovery from injuries and surgical procedures is another advantage of this approach to promote healing. The therapist uses a variety of hand techniques such as rolling, grasping, pushing, pressing and percussion. Clients primarily remain clothed, and are often in laying down posture at the massage table. Although this technique can be sedating/relaxing/calming, Tui Na addresses Qi imbalance and structural disorders, and can often be intense. If you like deep tissue, you will appreciate Tui Na. Occasionally, a liniment or balm will be used to treat certain conditions. As always, the therapist will communicate with you. 


60 Minute Massage or Tui Na sessions are: $135.00

90 Minute Massage or Craniosacral Sessions are: $160.00

30 Minute Tui Na add on/enhancement to any massage is: $60



3 Pack of 1 Hour sessions: $365 (Massage or Tui Na Only)

5 Pack of 1 Hour sessions: $608 (Massage or Tui Na Only)

3 Pack of 90 Minute sessions: $432 (Massage and/or Craniosacral)

5 Pack of 90 Minute sessions: $720 (Massage and/or Craniosacral)

Located at Becky's Healing Studio in Reseda, California - Book through booking tab or contact Becky: or 818-614-0522

(Can travel for a fee - contact Becky)


Primary Days available are: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays but other days/times may be available (please contact Becky ( or 818-614-0522 for scheduling details)

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