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Full Moon in Cancer - "Embrace the uncertainty. Let Spirit guide you"

Full Moon in Cancer - "Embrace the uncertainty. Let spirit guide you"

What a way to welcome in the New year. Two full moons. One on January 1st and the other January 31st. Just another energetic whirlwind of emotions, oppositions and deep deep contemplation.

These last few weeks with Saturn moving into Capricorn, Venus into Capricorn and now this powerful Full Moon in Cancer. We have had a sense of loss, lack and inner turmoil. Loss of the old self, old ideas, loves, friends and our interpersonal relations. Boredom of nothing "seeming" to move forward within our physical world.

A roller coaster of emotions, thoughts and past wounds.

Have you been noticing thoughts or feelings coming from the past? Regrets, or inner turmoil about your decisions and life choices?

Much is happening now on a karmic and deep soul level.

This has been a great time of evolution for our spirits. At a deep and karmic level. Making room at a completely new level.

Feelings that you can't quite find words for. This is a brand new time, one of which we have never ever been through before. It's our great evolution and the great unknown. Embrace this uncertainty, stop trying to find the words, stop trying to make sense of it. Its all new, and we are just beginning.

The truth is we are on a new plain, a new level of discovery. This full moon in watery cancer is asking us to relinquish our ground, our control and move more into the energy of vulnerability while watching these emotions as they flow past us..

These three cards match with the energies of these times, and giving the only solution and guidance that we can rely on - spirit.

"Leg Up, Chop Wood, A Higher Power."

You're at a point now where going at it alone is no longer conducive to your spiritual and emotional growth. These changing times are requiring more vulnerability. More seeking of help. It's too much to take these changes on alone. The only thing stopping us from seeking help is ego and help is necessary for navigating these intense times. Whether this is with another person, or a person that can lead you to your highest self or through spirit - seek and you shall find.

While your new life is being formulated - chop wood. Be in the meditative space of the mundane. Try not to label it is "bored", "stuck" or "lost". Being grounded in your every day experience. Embracing the uncertainty. Taking your attention away from the "answers" or control through meditation and contemplation allows for space to receive the truth. Not the messages your ego or mind has conjured in order to control these feelings, these emotions and the lack of control. But the truth. The truth of who and what you are. There is no solution yet. The suggestion now is meditation. Sitting with the feelings. Allowing the wave of emotions and confusion to come over you. To show you what its actually about. And in order for that to occur there needs to be space and room to receive. This can only be found with space.

Our ground, and sense of security has been stripped from us. But not for nothing. You are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for yourself and others. You have an immortal soul and no matter what is stripped from you in this world, what will always save you is your connection to your higher self, a higher power and the infinite light that is the divine. No matter what happens, you will always have this. Its time now to put your effort into your relationship with a higher power, with no end goals or requirements on that relationship. Just to connect. To make that partnership a priority.

There is only one who has all power. One that will never let you down, let you fall, abandon you or disappoint you. That power is the source of all things. That power is within you and all around you. The only intention you must make during this time is to connect to this power.

Jumping off the ledge requires great trust. This is the only way to allow for great miracles. This is a big time to reconnect back to source. Your only job now is to ask for help, get still, and allow the universe to provide.

Much love & Light,


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