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  • Becky Hernandez - The Misfit Yogi

Other Essays & Writings..

Other published writings on my journey, the spiritual path, yoga, resistance and other readings. You can find the links on my journey page

-published on

Yoga: Here's How I Let Go Of Negative Emotions

-published on

An Empaths Journey of Rebirth

The Adventure Of Awakening-the Path Least Traveled

Finding Acceptance Is The Way To Freedom

Mastering My Sensitivity By Freeing My Spirit

Free & Forgive Your Fears Move Forward With Love & Lig

-published on

The Journey Of An Empathic Yogi

-published on

Using Distance Reiki to Heal Past, Present & Future

Reiki & the Chakras - How to Implement this Practice

Unsure about becoming a Reiki Master or Master Teacher?

One of the most important Practices when Working with Reiki

-Monthly / Bi-Weekly Oracle Card & Energy readings on:

Energy Therapy

Rebelle Society

Celestial Soul Astrology

Love has Won

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